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Tax / Legal Consulting, Comprehensive Asset Management

Yokohama Consulting Firm Co.,Ltd.

Partnering with other professionals in the YCF Group, we are your sole provider of comprehensive consulting services.

We at Yokohama Consulting Firm Co.,Ltd. partner with other members of the YCF Group and other professionals in their respective fields within our network to plan and offer comprehensive solutions for our clients' various needs. Utilizing our experience and our track record of achievements, we analyze our clients' issues from various angles and create genuine solutions.

Tax / Legal Consulting

As economies become even more sophisticated, tax and legal matters also become more complicated. With this in mind, our professionals are fully-equipped to handle our clients' various needs.

● Inheritance Consulting

In vivos strategies, strategies for tax payment funds,

business succession strategies, support for the execution of wills, inheritance division

● Corporate Consulting

Corporate incorporation, M&A support, support for business revitalization / corporate restructuring, special public corporation (medical / care-giving / public interest corporation) consulting

● Personal Consulting

Various legal consultations, income tax and gift tax consulting

Comprehensive Asset Management Services

 (Real Estate / Financial / Life Planning)

In ever-increasingly global economies, asset utilization and asset management become even more important. Along with protecting the assets of our clients, we offer plans that fully maximize asset values utilizing the experiences and know-how that we have cultivated up until now.

● Real Estate Consulting

Effective utilization of real estate, asset management / property management services, overseas real estate investment

● Financial Consulting

Financing consulting (creation of business plans,

negotiations with financial institutions, loan refinancing)

● Life Planning

Consulting on various insurance plans, support in drawing

up wills

Other Solution Services

Partnering with other professionals in the YCF Group offering IT solutions, medical practice / care-giving services consulting, and consulting support for expansion into overseas markets, we offer solutions from a broad perspective tailored to our clients' needs.

● IT Solutions

Business systems development, maintenance, installation and

setup configuration of “Hataraku DB,” a cloud-based database that aids in the installation of cloud services, comprehensive design and production services, advertising and PR services

● Medical Practice / Care-giving Services Consulting

Billing services, human resources, facility construction consulting

● Consulting Support for Expansion into Overseas Markets

Support in establishing overseas corporations, support in choosing locations for business, on-site accounting services, support in filing tax returns

● Other Consulting Services

Company Name

Yokohama Consulting Firm Co.,Ltd.


June 20, 1984


Tadashi Fukushima


Tax / legal consulting, comprehensive asset management services, other solutions


10F Queen's Tower C 2-3-5 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken


TEL : 045-683-6150 / FAX : 045-683-6151