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Inheritance Consulting, Real Estate Asset Management

YCF Trust Co.,Ltd.

Partnering with our accounting firm and based on financial simulations, we offer proposals from the effective utilization of real estate to inheritance strategies.

In partnership with the YCF Group's accounting firm, YCF Trust Co.,Ltd. supports asset formation in the field of real estate. In this field, we have handled numerous cases involving inheritance strategies; and we offer proposals on the effective utilization of real estate and revenue-generating properties based on our accounting firm's financial planning simulations. In addition, we offer substantial support after strategy implementation, including other areas of our expertise such as property management, aid in the execution of wills, and consulting services on the sale of assets that occur after inheritance.

Solution Services

Partnering with certified tax accountants, lawyers, judicial scriveners, and administrative scriveners belonging to the YCF Group, we offer and execute precise proposals addressing the real estate needs and issues that our clients face. In addition, we have a solid track record in negotiating financing with financial institutions.

● Business Financing

● Proposals for Resolving Issues and Rights Relating to Land Leases and the Limited Propriety Rights of Land

● Inheritance Strategies

Creation and execution of optimal simulations, creation of notarized wills

Will execution services, proposals for buildings with high asset values in terms of profitability, safety and potential, proposals for and the execution of the sale of assets

Support for various administrative procedures

Property Management Services

ell-planned and detailed property management operations are necessary so that the value of your precious real estate will not go down. We conduct management of investment properties in behalf of their owners; and based on our experience and track record, we also offer proposals regarding property renovations to enhance their value. Because we execute our services with prior simulations created together with our accounting firm, you need not worry about financing.

● Real Estate Administrative and Management Services

● Management Services for Enhancing Profitability

● Consulting Services for Improving Profitability

Company Name

YCF Trust Co.,Ltd.


July 15, 1987


Aijiro Karashima


Inheritance consulting, real estate asset management


10F Queen's Tower C 2-3-5 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken


TEL : 045-683-6150 / FAX : 045-683-6151