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Support for Expansion into Overseas Markets, Import and Export Services

YCF Partners Co.,Ltd.

Specialists from various fields offer one-stop-shop services that support your company's globalization strategies.

YCF Partners Co.,Ltd. is a company with many specialists from various fields. Utilizing our specialists' knowledge and experience, and partnering with YCF International Co.,Ltd., a local Thai corporation that is expanding into Southeast Asia, we offer comprehensive, one-stop-shop support services that support your company's globalization strategies. We also provide Japanese expertise (products, services and systems) in Southeast Asia, contributing to the development of the Japanese and Southeast Asian economies.

Support for Expansion into Overseas Markets

Utilizing our wide-ranging, specialist knowledge and our powerful local networks, we ensure your company's efficient and strategic expansion into Southeast Asia.

● Support in Expansion Planning

● Office Selection, Contract Support

● Support in Incorporation Procedures,Opening Bank Accounts

● On-site Market Surveys

● Company Matching

● Support in Hiring Employees

● Import and Export-related Support Services

Export / Import Trading and Sales Services

We offer support services in the import, export, trade and sales of excellent products, services and systems in Japan and in ASEAN.

● Export, Import, and Sale of Construction Materials

● Export, Import, and Sale of Painting Materials

● Export, Import, and Sale of Agricultural Products and other Foods

● Export, Import, and Sale of other Products,  Services and Systems

Staffing Services

Japan is grappling with a decline in population. To address this, we deploy foreign human resources to industries that are especially concerned with a lack of labor such as the construction, child-rearing, nursing and care-giving industries.

● Recruitment and Training of Human Resources

● Selection of Host Companies

● Support Services for Various Procedures

Company Name

YCF Partners Co.,Ltd.


September 19, 2014


Aijiro Karashima , Yutaka Kano


Support for expansion into overseas markets, import and export trading services, staffing services


10F Queen's Tower C 2-3-5 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken


TEL : 045-683-6150 / FAX : 045-683-6151