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Support for Expansion into Overseas Markets, Export and Import Services, Local Thai Corporation

YCF International Co.,Ltd.

As a local corporation in Thailand which is experiencing remarkable growth, we aim to provide support to Japanese and Thai companies wishing to expand into each others' markets, acting as a bridge for people, things and skills.

As the globalization of economies advance, capital, markets and labor are now largely shifting to Asia. In this light, we in Thailand that is experiencing remarkable growth are focused on and are pushing forward with the following services: supporting Japanese and Thai companies wishing to expand into each others' markets and employee placement services; introducing care-giving services from Japan which is advanced in terms of care-giving; supporting exchanges between skilled personnel; introducing, exporting and importing outstanding Japanese and Thai goods; and introducing Japan's advanced energy conservation technologies.

Support for Expansion into Overseas Markets

For Japanese companies considering expanding their businesses into Southeast Asia and mainly into Thailand, we offer comprehensive support from creating business strategies at the time of expansion, to the introduction and selection of personnel for the local office, as well as help with various application procedures. In addition, for Thai businesses considering expanding their businesses into Japan, we offer wide-ranging support services that are YCF Group's areas of expertise such as tax, legal, financial and real estate services.

Skilled Personnel Exchange Services

In light of Japan's declining birthrate and aging population, labor shortages are serious issues and the whole country is embarking on strategies to deal with these problems. In Thailand, there are many technical skills and initiatives that are yet unknown. There are systems in place whereby these skills are acquired through labor, thus contributing to the economic development of Thailand. Utilizing these systems, we conduct support services in the transfer of skills in Japan and in Thailand; and in the deepening of exchanges between human resources.

Care-giving Support Services

With its rapidly aging society, Japan is an advanced country in terms of care-giving. We conduct support services in Thailand that aim to disseminate Japanese know-how and care-giving initiatives.

Export and Import Services

While a wide variety of goods are already being transacted worldwide, there are niche products that are still not widespread. These are the goods that we present, and we also conduct support services for export and import operations.

Real Estate Services

Real estate for investment purposes are very attractive in Asian economies that are experiencing remarkable growth. In this light, we introduce properties to Japanese investors and conduct support services to engender confidence in investing in these properties. In addition, we also introduce attractive Japanese properties to Thai investors.

Energy Conservation Services

Without an abundance of natural resources, there is much interest in energy conservation in Japan, with energy conservation being addressed through a variety of methods in many fields. We introduce Japanese energy conservation technologies to various Thai companies, such as outstanding energy-conserving air conditioners to facilities that require round-the-clock air conditioning such as factories and commercial establishments.

Company Name

YCF International Co.,Ltd.


May 18, 2015


Yutaka Kano


Support services for expansion into overseas markets, export, import and trading services, skilled personnel exchange services, care-giving services, real estate services, energy conservation services


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