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Tax Accounting, Inheritance Consulting, Comprehensive Asset Management

Hirohide Matsuda Tax & Accounting Office

We offer all kinds of tax reduction strategies for small and medium enterprises, investors and others.

As an approachable “tax consultant” for small and medium enterprises and investors, the Hirohide Matsuda Tax & Accounting Office offers services such as business successions to successors; M&As between corporations and corporate reorganizations; as well as all kinds of tax reduction strategies for various taxes such as corporate taxes, income taxes, and inheritance taxes. In addition, in partnership with Yokohama Consulting Firm Co.,Ltd. and the Karashima Accounting Firm in our group of companies, we proactively offer advice on various special cases and difficult matters.

Business Succession Measures

Aside from recommendations on stock price strategies for family companies and recommendations regarding corporate reorganization / M&As, we offer one-stop-shop support services for business succession such as succession methods, timing and follow-up services after succession.

● Business succession consulting

● Stock evaluation, recommendations for reduced stock prices

● Plans / drafts for M&As and tax systems of corporate reorganization

Support for Inheritance Tax / Gift Tax and other Tax Reductions, Responses to Tax Investigations

In preparation for inheritance issues that may arise in the future, we propose ideal inheritance measures such as inheritance division among your children and successors, the drawing of wills, inter vivos gifts and others. In addition, we also offer support services for refund claims for inheritance taxes that have been previously filed, and support services for tax investigations that occur after filing.

● Consulting regarding inheritance and gifts

● Tax reduction strategies for the transfer of  assets such as wills, inheritance division, inter vivos gifts, etc.

● Inheritance tax refund claims, responses to  tax investigations

Other Tax Consulting Services

Aside from the above-mentioned services, we also offer comprehensive consulting services regarding corporate tax and income tax; as well as all consulting services for all kinds of general taxes mainly geared towards small and medium enterprises and investors.

● Tax advice for corporations and individuals, tax reduction strategies, various  recommendations

● Book-keeping guidance, support in financial  statement and tax return creation

Company Name

Hirohide Matsuda Tax & Accounting Office




Hirohide Matsuda, Certified Public Tax Accountant


Tax consulting


504 Loire Kamiooka, 2-1-30 Kamiooka-Higashi, Konan-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken


TEL : 045-840-6850 / FAX : 045-840-6851