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Comprehensive Real Estate Services, Land Development

MarketTrust Co.,Ltd.

As professionals who create new value from real estate, we would like to continue being a trustworthy company.

Since our company's establishment in 2002, we have utilized our experience and know-how to engage in real estate development and subdivision sales, real estate revitalization, ready-built housing and subdivision sales, and revenue-generating real estate. As professionals with a wealth of real estate knowledge and experience, we develop more than 100 buildings in a year. As we continue being a trustworthy company, we will create new value from your real estate.

Comprehensive Real Estate Services, Land Development

Land Development and Subdivision Sales

Based on a wealth of fresh information obtained from our very own networks, we conduct land development that matches the market's needs.

Ready-built Housing and Subdivision Sales

In addition to the land's shape, surrounding environment and the buyer's needs, we choose from numerous, high-quality housing construction materials, housing equipment, and construction methods for your home.

Real Estate Revitalization

We conduct renovations of existing houses and condominiums. By selecting appropriate repairs and the latest construction materials and equipment, we broker transactions at the property's rightful, fair value.

Revenue-generating Real Estate

We enhance the value of real estate assets such as office buildings, rental condominiums and apartments, and others aimed at general investors through our very own know-how and maintenance services.

Development and Subdivision Sales Record

● 2010 – 6 projects (47 lots)

● 2011 – 9 projects (78 lots)

● 2012 – 6 projects (71 lots)

● 2013 – 6 projects (39 lots)

● 2014 – 8 projects (111 lots)

● 2015 – 5 projects (35 lots)

● 2016 – 6 projects (48 lots)

Sales Record

(lots / houses / condominiums and units / apartment buildings)








Company Name

MarketTrust Co.,Ltd.


April 3, 2002


Yutaka Kano


Land development and subdivision sales, ready-built housing

and subdivision sales, real estate revitalization,

revenue-generating real estate, land and building brokerage services


5.36 billion yen


Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business license holder / Kanagawa Prefectural Governor (3) No. 24679

Building Construction / Kanagawa Prefectural Governor (General Permit 22) No. 7068

Class 2 Architectural Firm / Class 2 Registered with the Kanagawa Prefectural Governor No. 28430

Affiliated with

All Japan Real Estate Federation

Real Estate Guarantee Association


3-3-13 Yamatohigashi, Yamato-shi, Kanagawa-ken