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IT Services, Comprehensive Design and Production Services

Inspiring Inc.

As your company's IT, advertising and PR divisions, your investment in our “proactive and assertive IT solutions” yield higher profits.

With the slogan “Energizing Small and Medium Enterprises through IT,” Inspiring Inc. devises your company's system frameworks with the aim of realizing your company's management strategies. As your company's IT division, we offer services from business support systems development and maintenance to website development, as well as advertising and PR strategies. Our services are unlike cost-cutting and time-saving “conservative investments into IT,” rather, we propose “proactive and assertive investments into IT” which are useful in the generation of new business.

IT Support and Consulting

re you having issues with not having an IT person in your company?

We support your company as your company's IT division. Including the construction of your company's internal systems and help desk services, we propose system frameworks based on your company's management strategies.

● Devising IT System Strategies

● Support in Installing your Internal IT Environment

● IT Help Desk Services

Business Systems Developmentand Maintenance, Installation Support for Cloud Services

Based on our meetings with your managers and persons-in-charge, and based on our analysis of your business, we meet your company's needs through optimal development methods for your very own system. As cloud integrators, we also conduct support for the installation of cloud services.

● Design, Development and Maintenance of Core Systems

● Cloud Services Installation Support

● Smart Phone App Development (iOS and Android)

Installation and Setup Configuration of “Rakuraku Hanbai,” a Cloud-based Database

We specialize in configuring business systems that utilize the cloud-based database “Rakuraku Hanbai.” Rakuraku Hanbai is a platform for a web system wherein the database functions according to your tasks. We offer services from installation to setup configuration, as well as operational support tailored to your company's needs.

We provide low-cost, quick delivery business systems for your company.


● Installation Support for Rakuraku Hanbai

● Rakuraku Hanbai Setup Configuration

● Operational Support for Rakuraku Hanbai

● Development of Add-on Functions

Comprehensive Design and Production Services / Advertising and PR Services

Our design and production philosophy begins with piquing customers' interest, and making them appreciate your products. We draw out your appeal to the utmost extent through thorough information-gathering. We also offer advertising and PR services through optimal mediums such as websites.

● Photography

● Interviews, Information-gathering

● Website Development

● Creation of Promotional Materials (pamphlets, corporate brochures, etc.)

● Signage Creation

Company Name

Inspiring Inc.


January 23, 2007


Hiromichi Masuda


IT support, consulting, general systems development services, installation and setup configuration of Rakuraku Hanbai,

website development, general design and production services


<Head office>
Landmark Tower bldg. 5F, 2-2-1, Minato-mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken

<Okinawa office>
#401 to Color, 97-1, Ojana, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa-ken