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The coming age is the age of globalization with the Sixth Industrialization

(turning agriculture, forestry, and fisheries into value-added industries by integrating, among others, processing and/or retailing functions with them) as a prerequisite.

The coming age will also engender very harsh, fully competitive societies!

The YCF Group perceives the coming upheavals as opportunities.


YCF Group President Aijiro Karashima



After the Second World War, Japan has spent more than half a century in “peace and prosperity.”

Even the so-called “Lost Two Decades” after the bubble burst were still peaceful and prosperous.

However, times have changed and things are now tougher.

In light of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty and the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) trade pact, we are plunging into an age of globalization where economies know no boundaries.

Economies that are undergoing globalization are economies that are fully and freely competitive.

These are fully capitalist economic systems that demand competency. Domestic businesses that have been regulated and protected must experience the ordeal that is competition. Whether they like it or not, passive people and companies that were reared by a mature society will be drawn into a world where only the fittest survive. However, these changes should not be perceived negatively, rather,consider thinking of these as opportunities. There are still many things in Japan that resonate with and will be appreciated by the rest of the world, as Japan has excellent services, intangible things and systems. People in Southeast Asia now aspire to Japanese culture and “Cool Japan,” or initiatives that represent Japan's culture industry, embodying their open and welcoming stance to all things Japan.

The YCF Group aids small and medium enterprises expand into overseas markets. In addition, we also help “glo-cal” businesses, or local businesses with its sights set on global expansion. Along with you, the YCF Group aims to survive in this age of globalization with a positive outlook.