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Corporate Philosophy of the Group

Management Philosophy


The YCF Group aims to establish a position in Asia-Pacific economies under free trade agreements through support services in expanding to overseas markets, employee recruitment and placement, and through its trading company functions; aiding in the stability and development of the region and in its future prosperity.

To prepare for the coming of a new era and to survive in it; and to regain our confidence as a Japanese people.

With regards to the various issues faced by society in the 21st century, the YCF Group will contribute to the world through the dissemination of knowledge nurtured by Japanese history and culture. The YCF Group also harbors big dreams; aiming to impart hope and inspiration to its employees, partners and stakeholders.

The YCF Group aims to be a platform-based organization, sharing its intentions and information with its stakeholders; and all of its members will conduct business operations with our aims in mind in order to achieve our goals.

Our Vision


The YCF Group provides comprehensive,one-stop shop support for our clients' business activities in light of globalization.

We will disseminate knowledge cultivated by Japanese culture and history in Southeast Asia.

We will offer Japanese know-how in terms of goods, services and systems in Southeast Asia.

We will contribute to the development of the Japanese economy by re-energizing “glocal” (global and local) businesses in Japan.